We offer support and maintenance services

Once a website goes live that's not the end of the story. Making regular content updates to your site, upgrading your site's CMS or maintaining your server software up-to-date are just some of the many tasks involved in maintaining a web presence. Here at ablePixel we can help you with these tasks and more. 

Content Updates

We can take care of you regular website content updates

We recognise that it's hard to run a business with a physical presence and devote time to keeping your website up-to-date also. There are times when it makes sense for you to concentrate on your business, leaving us to apply your regular content updates, design your banners and incorporate your promotional material to your site. From time to time that may also involve modifications to your template in order to highlight calls-to-action or give certain content better prominence -no need to worry, we're adept at that too! 

System Updates & Maintenance

System updates and maintenance are crucial to prevent security threats

Technology is constantly evolving and all sites, large or small, need to keep pace or risk becoming outdated or at risk of security threats. Whether it's a Joomla or WordPress CMS, one of the many available shopping carts, or your server, they all need upgrading, updating and maintenance from time to time. Regular updates or adhoc maintenance projects, get in touch to see how we can help you keep up-to-date.

Automated Backups

Website and server backups are imperative

We can't stress enough the importance of regular backups, be they of your database, your website files or your server settings. They save the day when things go awry and can save you hours and even days or work to get back to where you were. We can help you put an automated backup system in place so that you're covered if the unspeakable occurs.

General Support

It's an unfortunate fact of life that things sometimes don't go as we expect and when things do go wrong, there's nothing better than having someone available to help.

Always available to provide support via multiple channels

But these are not the only circumstances in which you can rely on our expertise. Perhaps you need us to talk your though the process of adding or editing site content, or  how to import products into your store, or maybe just some tips to better manage your website. Once we deliver a project we always provide training in the use of the site and are always on hand later to respond to your questions and issues. We're dedicated, knowledgeable and always available so get in touch today to discuss available support options.

Got A Great Idea?

Design Ideas and inspiration

Whether it's a website, a mobile app or stream-lining your online channels, we'd be delighted to help you make it a reality.

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Need Support?

Website issues? Online store troubles or issues updating your site's CMS or installed extensions?

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Backup Services

The importance of backing up can't be stressed enough. We can help you put a backup system in place so that you're covered if ever the unspeakable happens.

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